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What are the common problems with mold silicone? How to solve?
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Frying: What is the reason for the burner in the process of making mold silica gel? As the operation is in the unsaturated resin and resin added to the curing agent, and curing agent in the resin will produce heat, there will be burned to avoid burning mold can only be 3 minutes after the rapid stripping.
Fold the number of times less: mold silica gel appears a small number of times the situation is to add too much silicone oil caused by the amount of silicone oil to be added according to the size of the product to be set.
Mold silicone appears intolerant aging, impatient acid: silicone oil will destroy the original molecules of silica gel, so in the production of silicone molds do not add silicone oil to avoid intolerance, acid and alkali phenomenon.

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