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Liquid silicone rubber is a key component of medical equipment
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    Due to the chemical inertness and temperature characteristics of liquid silicone rubber, it has a long shelf life and service life. Silicone suppliers suggest that raw materials should be processed within six months, but in fact the casting parts containing liquid silicone rubber can be stored indefinitely, although the casting time is recommended for a maximum of three years. The durability of this medical material extends the life of the corresponding medical equipment, so that manufacturers and end users benefit.

    Likewise, the medical device industry has shown a preference for liquid silicone rubber medical materials. Unlike silicone that makes all the users allergic to it, liquid silicone rubber has low sensitivity. Liquid silicone rubbers do not contain phthalates in polyvinyl chloride, which were found in experiments to disrupt the endocrine system and damage the reproductive and nervous system.

    However, the cost is a defect in liquid silicone rubber. Compared to other raw materials, such as thermoplastic elastomers and thermoplastic polyurethanes, the cost of silicone is 3-5 times their production cycle is longer, they are twice. In some applications where cost considerations are required, cheaper thermoplastics elastomers TPE and thermoplastic polyurethane TPU can be used if some characteristics of liquid silicone rubbers such as temperature, compression and chemical inertia are not required

    As the medical device industry continues to deepen the awareness of the medical materials used in the product, the unique properties of liquid silicone rubber make its applications expand. As these features are more widely known, new applications and expanding markets are driving liquid silicone rubber more widely in medical devices.

    The basic composition of silicon material silicon element is the most common and easy to get on Earth elements. The liquid silicone rubber is easy to make into a complex shape and chemical inertness, its practicality and excellent characteristics from the beginning it is very suitable for use in medical equipment.

    For medical use, the silica gel must be biocompatible and conform to the requirements of the US Food and Drug Administration. Medical silica gel in the application of divided into two categories: a time period and not subject to time constraints. Usually limited for short-term transplantation, unrestricted for long-term transplantation. The liquid silicone rubber described herein belongs to the medical grade.

    The biocompatibility and low sensitivity of liquid silicone rubber minimizes the risk of allergic reactions in use. And because of its hygiene, bacteria and fungi can hardly grow and spread. These features make it ideal for short- and long-term transplant equipment.

    Liquid silicone rubber is flexible, durable, transparent, acceptable UV light and anti-tension. Different from the traditional rubber, liquid silicone rubber can withstand extreme temperatures, from -55 ℃ to 200 ℃ will not be denatured. Due to this feature, liquid silicone rubber made of the device can be autoclaved sterilization. Liquid silicone rubber also has unusually permanent compression deformation properties, can be made in the same parts of different wall thickness. Coupled with the durability and plasticity of the material, these features make it a key component of medical equipment.


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